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At Infinity Window Coverings, we also cater to a large number of commercial clients and their businesses. Commercial buildings with large storefront windows require their own special design and install considerations. These high traffic environments can also place unique challenges requiring ultimate durability and clean-ability. We are no stranger to these needs and take pride in knowing how to properly design, spec, and install in these environments.

The most popular window covering styles for commercial applications are the Vertical Blind, and the Roller Shade. Mini Blinds are also a good option in some cases, and we occasionally install Shutters in businesses as well. The Vertical Blind is a cost effective option that is capable of being made in large sizes commonly found in businesses. It has tons of color and style options as well as decorative valances available. For the ultimate in durability, the Roller Shade is very popular and well suited for commercial buildings. Roller Shades have less moving parts, the greatest reliability, and fabric options such as the “solar” fabrics that allow for heat and glare reduction while still maintaining some sight through the windows. With their light weight, Aluminum Mini Blinds can also be made for commercial use, and are another attractive option. In more formal commercial buildings we can make oversize Shutters in all colors and styles that you could in a home use situation as well.

Something that is HUGE for commercial customers is our CUSTOM PRINT options. Imagine printing your business logo, or product photos on your Shades across your storefront! This unique option creates the ultimate in customization with endless colors, patterns, and we can even print your photos on your Shades.

  • Vertical Blinds- cost effective, traditional and adjustable light and privacy
  • Roller Shades- simple and attractive, solar fabrics perfect for commercial use
  • Mini Blinds- lightweight aluminum, durable and attractive
  • Shutters- elegant and upscale for formal settings
  • Custom Print and Motorization available!